Video: Protecting Patients in the Era of Patient Choice

In April, the Coalition for Patient Vision Care Safety hosted a panel discussion with policymakers, congressional staffers, and healthcare stakeholders in Washington, D.C. to advocate for safer patient access to contact lenses. Eye doctors and industry experts spoke to the value of annual eye exams, proper use and care of contacts lenses, and most importantly, […]

What Happens When 27 Contacts are Left in your Eye

This is what happens when you forgo yearly eye exams. In a recent “eye opening” turn of events, a British eye surgeon uncovered 27 contact lenses in a patient’s eye during a pre-operation exam. Despite wearing monthly disposable contacts for more than 35 years, the patient failed to visit her eye doctor for regular visits. […]

What’s Lurking in Your Decorative Lenses?

Buying decorative contact lenses at novelty shops or online may have consumers seeing red—but for the all the wrong reasons. According to Popular Science, the FDA’s Forensic Chemistry Center found disturbing results while testing decorative, non-corrective contact lenses in the lab. Researchers discovered 60 percent of the suspected counterfeit lenses under review tested positive for […]

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